Entry #1

Calling Beta Testers!

2012-05-04 10:22:57 by trystanr

Hello Friends! I am producing a game. Much better than my last game.
As in way, way better.

Anyways. If you'd like to test it, pm or comment and Ill invite you to test. Please realize it is only beta currently before responding. As far as I know, the engine functions properly and most of my graphics are final.
There is only one sound :P
The testers could also leave shouts over which content to add to the game. Anyways, here's my written synopsis.

You are a block In a blocky, pixelated world.
Your talent, gravity shift. Your goal, Green flag thing!
Will you traverse the tough caverns of Blancmange, or will you shatter under pressure?

Calling Beta Testers!


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